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Violet Parkhurst
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Violet Parkhurst


Violet Parkhurst


Violet Parkhurst was born in Derby Line, Vermont. She showed an early penchant for drawing. She later attended the School of Practical Arts In Boston, won a scholarship to the Museum of Fine Arts, Worchester Mass., followed by a year of study at Baylor College in Waco, Texas, then finished her formal training at Los Angeles State College.

Believing that an artist should see the world before they can become a great artist, she indulged her longings and visited every State in the Union, then Canada, In Mexico City she studied art for three months.

Then she was off to South America where she rented a house in Natal, Brazil; studied Portuguese and wrote a book and illustrated it. It was titled "Jaguar by the Tale!" and was published in Rio. Here she painted pictures of the natives, the fruit markets and huts, all of which she sold, To help pay for the travel, she became a Foreign Correspondent for movie magazines published and distributed in South America. She has interviews and photos of herself with most of the top-flight stars.

Violet gave up writing and turned seriously to painting because of her love for this medium. The temperament she inherited from her French mother could best be expressed by oils and brush.

For this internationally acclaimed woman artist is no mild Illustrator, nor is she a dabbler in prosaic landscapes. Instead she specializes in milieus in which women painters have rarely ventured, certainly not with the force, action and vibrancy she brings to her work.

She paints seascapes, life-like studies of the bubbling foam-flinging seas of the world, which thunder on the shores in their wild rush for the beach. She captures the back-lit moonlight seas as well as a summer surf.

For her successful masterful rendering of paintings, Violet Parkhurst has won scholarships, trophies, over thirty blue-ribbons, accolades, critical acclaims and an international reputation.

One of her seascapes was chosen with twenty-four other artists' paintings to tour Europe for the Cultural Exchange. The show was presented at all the major museums. It is now in the permanent collection In the Stockholm Museum.

On Allan Sloanes' T.V. program, Allan introduced her as "The world's greatest woman marine painter."

Parkhurst has a permanent display at her Ports 0' Call galleries in San Pedro, California.







Appraisal Certificate



Awards and Exhibitions


Awards and Notable Collectors

Listed in "WHO's WHO" of the World, United States and California.

''Who's Who in America"- 40th Edition

''Who's Who in the West" - 17th Edition

Four Presidents have her Art: Ford, Regan, Bush and Nixon.

Angela Lansbury is a proud owner of her Art.


President Nixon

Rory Calhoun

Allan Sloane

Barbara Rush

David Tallichet

Jim Arness

Wayne Thomas

David Rose

Hilton Hotels

Felix Slatkin

Mrs. Peabody of Howard Johnsons

Chuck Landers

Mayor of Kobe, Japan

Commander Perry

Mayor Yorty, Los Angeles

Admiral Hayes and

June Wilkinson

Admiral Russell


Exhibitions and Publications

Presently has a Gallery in Seal Beach, California.



591 EMBARCADERO, Morro Bay

1100 S. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY, Laguna Beach "Village Fair"

She also shows at the Biltmore Gallery in Los Angeles

and Kelly's Gallery in Solvang

In seven major museums including two Paintings in the Louve.

Paintings in Stockholm Museum, Sweden and the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, California.

156 Paintings Published

12 Limited Editions


Five Books Published, including,


No. 101 Painting Sunsets

No. 122 Painting at the Sea Shore

No. 146 Painting the Ocean from Slides

Parkhurst on Seascapes, (hardback)


Her racehorses, Parky's Gamble and Figaroon

wear her colors, violet, blue and green

with an artist's palette on the back.



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